MACD TrueLevel Strategy

This strategy uses the MACD indicator to determine buy and sell signals. In addition, the strategy employs the use of "TrueLevel Bands," which are essentially envelope bands that are calculated based on the linear regression and standard deviation of the price data over various lengths.
The TrueLevel Bands are calculated for 14 different lengths and are plotted on the chart as lines. The bands are filled with a specified color to make them more visible. The highest upper band and lowest lower band values are stored in variables for easy access.
The user can input the lengths for the TrueLevel Bands and adjust the multiplier for the standard deviation. They can also select the bands they want to use for entry and exit, and enable long and short positions.
The entry conditions for a long position are either a crossover of the MACD line over the signal line or a crossover of the price over the selected entry lower band. The entry conditions for a short position are either a crossunder of the MACD line under the signal line or a crossunder of the price under the selected exit upper band.
The exit conditions for both long and short positions are not specified in the code and are left to the user to define.
Overall, the strategy aims to capture trends by entering long or short positions based on the MACD and TrueLevel Bands, and exiting those positions when the trend reverses.

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