Volume MA Convergence and Divergence

Greetings, I imagine there is already some similar scripts as this one but I couldn't find one so I decided to add something.

We are looking at convergence and divergence signals of moving-average values of 3 different volume time frames. The time frames can of course be tweaked to ones liking, I set up Vol-MA8, 20 and 50. A strong enough divergence in at least 2 of the MAs may perhaps signal an exhausting trend or the beginning of a new one. Convergence of all three to a single point, or close enough to, may signal impending volatility potentially. The latter would best be complimented with another volatility predicative indicator or correlating impending price change data. There are more signals to be studied within this single indicator such as a converging occurrence above OR below the mean, etc, etc.

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Enjoy, Cheers

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