PhantomFlow DynamicLevels

The PhantomFlow Dynamic Levels indicator analyzes the dynamic volume over the period specified in the Period field. Channel boundaries can be used as dynamic support and resistance levels when trading within a range. The POC level also serves as a level at which the price may react during trend movements. The Period Multiplier parameter affects how many dynamic levels will be displayed. The Accuracy parameter influences the precision of volume calculations.

These levels are crucial for intraday traders as they serve as support or resistance. The Value Area zone includes 70% of the traded volume over the selected period. In other words, it represents the price region where the majority of traders believe the fair value for the asset lies.

The indicator's name, Dynamic Levels, aptly captures its essence. It analyzes trading volume at various price levels, tracking the sentiment dynamics of traders. When the asset's price decreases or increases as a result of trading, the Dynamic Levels indicator displays a new level on the chart. This results in a plotted line on the chart, allowing us to observe the movement dynamics of both the value area and the maximum volume level.

Standard indicators do not provide real-time visibility into level shifts, making the use of the Dynamic Levels indicator a competitive advantage in market trading across any time frame.

We borrowed the volume profile calculation code from @LonesomeTheBlue. Thank you for the work done!

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