Simple EMA Cross

Quick script I put together to complete the following:
- Simple EMA with the option to either display both or consolidate them as one
- Single EMA will change color based on a cross of the two EMA values entered
- Programmed alerts for bullish/bearish crossover

Jan 07
Информация о релизе: Removing a note I had left in the code.
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Hi, this can be very good. Any ideas to improve it? For example to buy and sell more at bottoms/tops or to filter out losing trades?
@dpanday, Hello! Yes, a lot of traders incorporate EMAs into their trading systems.
It's ultimately up to the user of this indicator to find a system that meets their needs as there's hundreds out there.
A simple golden cross could help you enter/exit a position, or you can use this to help generate your bias.
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