Auto Fibonacci

Automatic fibonacci tool.

Still in beta, but works.

will be updating in the future with better improvements, depending on popularity.

Feedback and suggestions welcome.
Aug 19
Информация о релизе: Added .236 and .786 levels
Added Color Selection
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Can you add the option to thicken or thin out some of the lines? Really loving the script. Also, sometimes on the 5min chart, when the multiplier is set to 1, sometimes the lines will disappear. It's really weird but it doesn't happen that often. Will this script ever be open source?
Seems to have an issue with too many bars to calculate but other thing seems fine. Maybe stoploss and take profit will improve the overall quality of the indicator or other adjustments such as display more fibonacci level. But thanks!
@Jittra, Hi could you tell me which chart and timeframe you were using when you experienced this issue? I have not seen anything like this in my testing so I would like to recreate the issue so I can fix it. Thanks!
Jittra Gammapips
@Gammapips, Setting multiplier to 100, AUDUSD on 1 minute chart. The indicators says 'internal study error'.
@Jittra, Ahh ok. Yea, the settings multiplier is a filter I use for determining where to place the fibonacci. It's based off some moving averages, so when you set it to 100 you are multiplying the ma's by 100; which pinescript can't quite handle. Either way, it's not necessary and in the future I will remove this setting. Thanks!
Cool script! Two suggestions, the option to color the lines and the option to add the 78.6% and the 23.6% fib lines.
Gammapips edwardv1234
@edwardv1234, Thanks for the feedback! Added!
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