Baekdoo multi OverSold OverBuy colored Candle

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Hi forks,

I'm trader Baekdoosan who trading Equity from South Korea. This Baekdoo multi OverSold OverBuy colored candle will give you the idea of
multiple indicators in one shot with colored candle. Those indicators tell us that oversold or overbuy statistically. For the color, you can freely change
based on your comfort. For me, in Korea white candle has red color and black candle has blue color. So somewhat confusing for you. Anyway you can
easily modify color in the script. Please refer this line.

barcolor(open<close and result_pos == 4 ?, 0) : open<close and result_pos == 3 ?, 25) : open<close and result_pos == 2 ?, 50) : open<close and result_pos == 1?, 75) : na)

you can see I put different transparency at function with color code. Let me divide and conquer to explain for up candle
white candle and black candle.

1. White candle
with 4 oversold signal case with white candle tells us it is almost reached real bottom and try to rebound. In this case, I put vivid color (no transparency) on the candle. And all 4 signal case, I put text on "OverSold". It will not happen frequently. Then 2 approaches can be made.
(a) short term approach
You can buy on this time. and you set stop loss with open price. This is mainly aimed for technical rebound.
(b) long term approach
You can accumulate based on your budget with 5 times dividing. At that day might not be the very bottom but those period will most probably real bottom. You can put more weight on latter buy. Let say, 1 : 1.25 : 1.5 : 1.75 : 2.5. So for example, if you have $8,000 to investigate then, buy $1,000 and then $1,250, $1,500, accordingly. If price rebound then don't adding weight on accumulation but with the first amount that you buy(i.e., $1,000 with above example). With this approach, you will not have much stress and you will get profit well. If this is grand bottom case, then you can HODL this long term. What you needs is stick to the plan. :)
with 3 signals the color is less vivid, 2 signals is much less vivid, accordingly.

2. Black candle
The approaches are opposite to above. The signal will tells us for 4 overBuy signals, then vivid blue candle will be shown. Our strategy is distribute to sell. Please do not sell in one shot. As Newton said, "I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of the people". Strong buy phase, we don't know how far will it go. But indicators will tell us it is quite overSold situation. So what I can suggest you is sell it 10% to 20% on resistance price, and put 50% of lower than certain support price. Remember, accumulation and distribution will always better than one shot trading if you want to survive long time on this war field.

Hope this will help your trading on equity as well as crypto. I didn't try it on futures. Best of luck all of you. Gazua~!
Информация о релизе:
I have added to volume condition on the arrow. Based on 5 minute candle, 78 candle is the daily candle (in Korea 6 and half hour is the market time, you can modify it according to your market time in 5 minute candle)
so large volume in low position and high position will give you better idea on Top or Bottom.
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