[Strategy] - EMA 10,20 59 with Profit Displayed

This EA is still under construction !!

So for this EA is only based on the trend of the 3 EMA's
Buytrend = (ema1 and ema2 > ema3) and (ema1 and ema2 > ema3)

We also change the Background depending on the trend.
bgcolor(Buytrend ? :,transp=70)

At this point I was wondering how much "profit" we would have made if this strategy was only based on the trend so I added the Labels to start/end close of that trend and then see how much profit in pip's we would have made.

Later I was wondering if I could get the total information on the trades and thats what the Label over the current candle is telling us. If that label is red we didn't made any profit and if its green we made som profit.
I also added a BuyProfit and a count buy/sells and a total Profit to see how that information clearly without opening the strategy tester.
NOTE this shows the profit in pip's

Next step is to implement a Buy/Sell Signal togheter with a Buy/SellSignalOUT signal.
Thats currently under development and you'll see some code being there already but as of now the orders are made from the trend signal not the Buy/Sell Signal.
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