MTF Trailing SL Strategy [QuantNomad]

This is a Multi-Timeframe version of my Trailing SL Strategy.
Few weeks ago I published Trailing SL Strategy. There I used only basic Trailing SL to enter positions.
It worked pretty well so I tried to work on it a bit. I thought what if you can use the same ATR TSL on different timeframes and combine them into one signal.
In this strategy you can use only ATR stops and choose 3 other higher timeframes in addition to your current timeframe.
You'll see Trailing SL plotted on the chart form all these timeframes.

Entry Long position if all 4 time-frames agree on long signal.
Exit Long positions when at least 2 time-frames disagree on long signal.

Entry to Short position if all 4 time-frames agree on Short signal.
Exit from Short positions when at least 2 time-frames disagree on Short signal.

Here is the link to my basic Trailing SL Strategy:

Информация о релизе: Fixed backtesting range
Информация о релизе: Updated the way I get the data from Higher Timeframe
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Hi @QuantNomad, Thank you for another great indicator. Request you to please create alerts for this scripts. Followed you on twitter, TV & Youtube to remain updated. Thanks again!
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QuantNomad IdeasPrecise
@IdeasPrecise, Hi, here is alerts version, it is already published:
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IdeasPrecise QuantNomad
@QuantNomad, Thank you sir :)
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IdeasPrecise IdeasPrecise
@QuantNomad I observed that the strategy signal indicator and alert signal are not exactly at the same price, was that deliberately done? Also, if we use Hieken ashi than performance improves drastically, can you explain to me why that happens and which one should we trade.
Thank you in advance.
QuantNomad IdeasPrecise
@IdeasPrecise, PM me your Parmas/symbol/timeframe, I will take a look
IdeasPrecise QuantNomad
@QuantNomad, thank you sir. Sent you a PM.
navyreal7 IdeasPrecise
@IdeasPrecise, not use HA in test! it s repaint
It did not use date range information for enter/exit
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QuantNomad HighTopMoon
@HighTopMoon, Yep, updated the script, now it should work
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what prompted you to complicate the original indicator?
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