Channel Surfing

This is my Channel Surfing indicator. It fires Buy and Sell signals based on multiple conditions. You can use EMAs or LSMAs. You will have to check the box of which moving averages to use once you add it to the chart. It plots EMAs or LSMAs using the different sources Close, Low, and High as the channel to surf. It fires a Buy signal if price crosses the channel up and if there is a pullback into the channel followed by a breakout to the upside. It fires a Sell signal if price crosses the channel down and if there is a pullback into the channel followed buy a breakdown to the down side. I find it works great on the 5 minute SPY chart and the 1 minute chart of ES with the default settings when scalping. You are able to switch between 2 different channels using LSMAs or EMAs. The EMAs has an optional LSMA slope filter for getting rid of some false signals. Let me know if you guys find any other settings or ways to use this and as always I hope it helps.
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