[mdeacey] EMA% Channel + Bollinger Band Trending Strategy

This strategy is based off the users selection of an EMA and percentage defined middle, upper and lower channels. The strategy longs if the price crosses the middle to upper channel until such time that a "reversal candle" (that exceeds the averages of 3 and 9 above the EMA 3) is found – and then shorts that reversal candle in the hope the price will change state from trending to ranging and move back to the middle channel. The same but opposite process for shorts.
The two obvious fallbacks to this strategy are that:
- Once trending the price can continue upwards. We try to mitigate this through use of a stoploss defined by ATR.
- Certain percentage thresholds can trigger a long/short with not much room to move before coming back to the middle channel. This is a tightrope exercise as making the percentage channels tighter misses earlier entries in more optimal cases. Change the parameters to find an EMA and percentages to find the best R/R.

All options are configurable and code open source. Happy trading!
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