Hidden Average True Range

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Script to help you find appropriate stop placement

ATR of Time frame you are in (HTF are better) * 1.55 = x

if short : x + close = STOP
of long : x - close = STOP

Информация о релизе: noticed a scripting and display error!
Информация о релизе: Less variables more concrete settings
One may change the period to 25 but 14 is standard :)
Информация о релизе: Due to chart viewing errors i moved the ATR to its own pane.

Same idea

Stops is the ATR +/- the close !
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Have a plan. Trade it!


Make sure to click the little "+" in the upper right hand corner to display the Hidden ATR value !
the value is in CYAN

for the best results you want to wait til the last moments of candle close
if you use this idea when a candle is newly forming the ATR will be thrown off as PA has yet to develop

this idea/strategy is best suited for timeframes H4+
SatoshiHeavy SatoshiHeavy
@SatoshiHeavy, UPPER LEFT
and you must go to settings and click "display indicator values"