Falcon Commodity Channel Index

Falcon CCI indicator is a superb indicator for anyone who wants to dig deep and still float. The trading lifestyle requires you to be one step ahead of everyone else, while doing so, you want to manage risk, enter at correct positions and perhaps exit at correct positions too.

Exiting at correct positions is so over rated, people tend to forget that exit is as important as entry and therefore we need to make sure that we use a good indicator setup that helps us to do that.

Falcon CCI Indicator is a receipe developed by me during recent Bitcoin slump, where we really needed something more to help us get pass through ups and downs, sudden movements and volatility in the market.
This indicator is perfect even for the swing and trend traders, intra day and day traders who want a quick win, rather than invest for long term.

Here are entry and exit plans based on this indicator:-

Setup: I keep CCI at 20, MA at 14 and EMA at 7 but I change it depending on the stock or crypto. Truth is, you can play with it and find what is best for your trading setups, but once you are done, it really works.
Buy: Buy when CCI crosses above MA or EMA , but CCI should be below 50
Sell: Sell when CCI crosses below MA or EMA (You need to choose), CCI should be above 150
There can be other entry and exit based on just CCI values, and therefore I have added some max and min inputs too in the indicator, e.g. Buy when CCI is -180 and sell when CCI is 300.

Trading is a long process.
To all my friends who have lost in futures , or anywhere else in the market, don't worry, just follow the process and follow your own rules. Don't break them.

You can connect with me on Trading View, message me to discuss this further. Happy to take your questions.

P.S you can also add linear regression to this to give you certain price points, for market tops or bottoms within the time frame.
Информация о релизе: Update:
  • Rectified MinVal error for min input for CCI min values.
Информация о релизе: Updated: Chart Pattern
Информация о релизе: Name Updated, CCI Min Values updated, Alert Line Min Values updated

Main changes that I have done recently in the script is to add minimum value to CCI
I will soon release Falcon CCI Pro, where we will show clear buy and sell signals based on calculations

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