Key EMAs

Simple trade helper script that plots:

- 10 & 20 EMA crosses for fast moves
- 10 & 200 EMA crosses for trends
- 50 & 200 EMA golden and death crosses

Alerts built in.
Информация о релизе: Updating colours to make things more legible on both light and dark charts
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Hey there, which one is which? e.g which MA is each colour on here?
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Sir,pleaase suggest good ema lines for intraday.
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thanks Colin for the indicator. can you tell me, can I also use this for forex and what is the recommended TP for each trade?
colinmck dannyzee
@dannyzee, Hello! I hope it's of use to you. I don't actually trade with this; I use it to give me an idea when new trends are starting. EMA crosses on their own will lag so it's not an ideal trading system. Of course, it you were to trade on the 10 & 20 EMA crosses then TPs would entirely depend on your timeframe and the average trade size of the instrument.
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dannyzee colinmck
@colinmck, thanks for your replay. I am a beginner trader can you give me some tips (strategy/indicators) I can use. Ad this moment because I work from home I can trade the 1H and higher timeframe
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vikram77 colinmck
@colinmck, yes you are right ema lag then which indicator strategy work with smallest lag.
colinmck vikram77
@vikram77, there isn't one single indicator that works well. The secret is to combine systems from different categories (volume, momentum etc) and let those influence your decisions
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vikram77 colinmck
@colinmck, thanks colin
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