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Akushyn_AOZotik is an complex indicator, that combines several of the most important indicators, tuned to various information coming from the price chart.
This is an indicator of trend and speed, an indicator of strength and cyclicity, an indicator of wave cycles and structures.

One Akushyn_AOZotik indicator can replace the entire Bill Williams indicator set: AO and AC indicators, Alligator , etc.

The indicator performs the following functions:

  • indicates the direction of the current trend and the moment it changes to the opposite
  • eliminates the "abnormal bursts" of price movement
  • limits the flat zone
  • allows you to identify pivot points
  • makes it possible to see the potential of movement even before it begins
  • clearly shows the "ABC algorithm" of wave marking
  • determines the wave level of corrective movement
  • synthesizing different time frames, reveals price movements hidden by the market

The fast line of the indicator is a Main Line (ML)
The slow line of the indicator is a Resistance/Support Line ( RS ).
Zero line of the indicator is a static Balance Line ( BL )

When ML is above RS and BL it indicates a bullish state on the chart.
When ML is below RS and BL it indicates a bearish state on the chart.
When ML is in between RS and BL indicates a flat state
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