Highs & Lows of Last [x] Bars

Highs & Lows of Last Bars

We have found this indicator invaluable over the past few years - whether you prefer to trade Crypto, Forex, Commodities or something else this indicator could prove really useful. It's always nice to know the highs and lows of the last Week or Month, the problem being the information is only really relevant at the start or end of that chosen time period; throughout the mid-section of that time period the chart will either be displaying irrelevant information or info that has been/is being re-painted. Not good!

Our Highs & Lows of Last Bars Indicator will remove this re-painting problem and display up-to-date information from higher time frames without compromising the integrity of your current chart period.


Most high & low finder indicators will use, (for example), a 'W' or 'M' as their higher TF to get HTF results - we do things just a little bit differently, it's like this:

Most other High/Low Indicators:
~ MON 1st (get high/low value from 'W' TF) ~
~ MON 8th (get new data and plot from 'W' TF)
etc. - This leads to gaps in the data, re-painting and missing lots of potential mid-week trades.

Our High & Low of Last Bars:
~ MON 1st (get high/low value from LAST 7 DAYS) ~
~ TUE 2nd (get high/low value from LAST 7 DAYS) ~

This provides a much smoother High/Low plot with more relevant information. You can clearly see areas of support and resistance , updated on the LTF chart using data from a HTF.

Because we've included 2 TF's you can use simultaneously you can see when the lower TF touches the Higher TF this (generally, but not always!) means there's a breakout coming!

Hope this is useful to you guys!

Good Luck and Happy Trading!
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