Volume-Weighted Supertrend Strategy [wbburgin]

This is a script that can be used as a strategy or a standalone indicator.

The Volume-Weighted Supertrend is a supertrend based on a rolling VWAP, instead of a normal price source. The strategy has two components - a supertrend based off of this VWAP (shown on the chart) and a supertrend from volume itself (not plotted on the chart directly). The supertrend from volume is an example of my "Supertrend Any Source" indicator, where a custom ATR is created from non-OHLC data; this is available as both a separate public script and also in my "wbburgin_utils" library for you to use in your own script creation.

The supertrend from volume acts as a confirmation filter for the VWAP-supertrend shown on-chart. If the volume supertrend is trending up and the VWAP-based supertrend is also trending up, a buy signal is generated. Likewise, if the volume supertrend is trending down and the VWAP-supertrend is trending down, a sell signal is generated. The colors are based off of whether both supertrends are trending up or down: green for both up, blue for only price up, orange for only price down, and red for both down.

The settings enable you to change the volume length and the ATR length separately, as well as the multiplier and the source for the price supertrend. If you load the indicator for the first time and see no entries and exits, this is because "Show Strategy Entries and Exits" is disabled in the settings. This is if you plan on using the strategy as an indicator and don't want to be bothered by the entry and exit symbols on the chart. Additionally, for those who like clean charts (like me), you can turn all the labels off in the settings, as well as the highlighting.

My default strategy settings for the strategy results shown below are as follows: 5% equity per trade, 5 degrees of pyramiding, commissions of 0.08% per trade. This strategy doesn't come with stops yet, so please be aware of that before using it to trade - I highly suggest you create your own stops based off of your R/R ratio and personal risk tolerance. Additionally, it works best on trending assets (b/c of the supertrends) with high volume. This might mean it does not work as well on lower timeframes.

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