Bottom Alerts Pro -

Easy alerts for possible market bottoms. Use in conjunction with CryptoTrader Pro to find the best trade entry points.

Gain access to this and all our other indicators here :
Информация о релизе: Quick update to filter out one more type of false signal

If you have any questions jump on into our Discord channel here :
Информация о релизе: Or send me a direct message here on TradingView if you prefer! :)
Информация о релизе: You can find the rest of our scripts over on our profile :
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I'd like to see how it worked till here, could you post an update to show us? thanks!
Would it be possible to try your script.
Thanks in advance
like to try
Hi, would it be possible to test this? thanks
i would like to try it , thanks!!
Please give me trial.
hi.... please acces me :)
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