Bitcoin Blockchain Toolkit

A toolkit of all kinds of bitcoin market data, but mostly on-chain data.

In the settings you can select which metrics to show.

Metrics included:

  • Index: the BXBT spot dollar index
  • Mcap: bitcoin market cap data calculated by Tradingview
  • Dominance: bitcoin dominance vs altcoins
  • Volatility: the Bitmex BVOL volatility tracker
  • Hashrate: the bitcoin hashrate in giga hashes per second
  • Difficulty: how difficult it is for miners to find a hash
  • Miner revenue: bitcoins mined per day + transaction fees * market price
  • Cost per transaction: miner revenue divided by number of transactions
  • Transaction volume: total value of transaction output per day
  • Total transactions: unique transactions per day
  • Transaction fees: total BTC value of transactions per day
  • Unique addresses: number of unique addresses used per day

Информация о релизе: I removed the total transactions metric because it's completely useless information.
It has been replaced by something more interesting: on-chain transaction volume in BTC.

I also forgot to mention that this indicator only works on the daily time frame or higher.
That's because of limitations with the data that I can't work around.

In the settings tab you can select which metric to show.
Only keep one on at a time otherwise the data might look weird or it'll overlap.

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