I do not agree with a moderator!

A moderator is a person who spends a ton of time for free sifting through content, making life better for most, but is hated by some. They get a ton of respect from TradingView.

We have compiled a list of the top 7 issues users claim moderators can't help with.

Ready, Set, Go!

1) “I have a paid plan, I can’t get banned! If I’m banned, I should get my money back.”

It’s basically like real-life (or at least like it should be). If you pay $, it doesn’t mean you get separate rules.

A paid plan on TradingView gives you extra features, which you still get to keep if you are banned from the social piece. There’s no difference if you are a free user or paid one in banning practice. Democracy at its finest :)

2) “I just published an idea that I am not happy with. I will ask a moderator to delete it for me.”

Moderators cannot delete ideas. Keeping all ideas up is a policy we made at TradingView on purpose; in order to keep everyone honest with themselves and each other. Made an error? That’s fine! Something can be learned from it.

Moderators can hide ideas only if they violate our publication guidelines and NOT at request. Think about it. If ideas could be hidden on request, how can you be sure someone’s profile is a complete and accurate picture? Transparency and accountability are two key elements that make TradingView a trustworthy community.

3) “There are some rules I don’t agree with, so I just won’t abide by those. And if I get moderated, I will explain the invalidity of those rules and tell the moderator to let me be.”

If you create a TradingView account, you confirm that you’ll follow all existing rules. It’s your responsibility to know them and abide by them, and not just a select few. There’s nothing too crazy, mostly just common sense. If you don’t agree with them, don’t use the social features.

4) “I am being moderated based on a rule that I didn't know existed. That’s unfair because I wasn’t aware that what I did isn’t allowed.”

See point 3. It’s your responsibility to know the latest TradingView House Rules. Our advice is to regularly check for updates and to read the related blog posts. By staying up to date with our announcements, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

5) “Moderators are overzealous in removing content. This hinders free exchange of opinions and ideas.”

All moderation actions are logged, counted, reported, and analyzed on a monthly basis. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 0.3% of all chat messages were deleted
  • 0.5% of all idea comments were deleted
  • 0.8% of all published ideas were made invisible.

These stats clearly show that mods are not overzealous, over 99% of all content is left untouched.

6) “Moderators are just volunteers, they have no real authority. I don’t need to follow their guidance.”

Moderators are official TradingView reps. We trust their judgement and equip them to deal with content issues and members who violate our guidelines.

They have full authority and all members should follow their guidance. Founders have daily contact with them regarding ongoing issues and are aware of what’s happening.

And yes, they are volunteers. They don’t get paid by us. At all. They definitely deserve some kudos and major respect for the tremendous amount of time and effort they put into managing our community for everyone’s sake.

7) “If 2 members commit the exact same violation, then they should both be moderated the exact same way. Not doing so would be unfair.”

Not necessarily. Each situation is unique in its own right. Moderators look at the violation and previous history to determine what’s fair and each consecutive violation results in a longer ban.

So if two members commit the exact same violation, but one has a history of bad behavior, while the other has never been banned before, they will be moderated differently.

Hope we dispelled any misconceptions once and for all! Remember, moderators are volunteers who do important work for all of us, day-in-day-out. They are driven by their enthusiasm and love for this site. And that should not go unnoticed. TradingView would not be the same without them.

Thanks for staying with us! We hope this helps answer your questions about moderation at TradingView.