Using public chats

Public chats are open to everyone and can be found in the toolbar on the right side of the page or as a tab on the mobile app. To participate in chats, please be aware of the general house rules in addition to the following: 

  • Users will need to gain a 5 reputation points to participate. This requirement exists in order to counter spamming and to maintain a friendly community.
  • Conversations should be focused on the chat name and its purpose. For example, the Stocks chat is for ideas related to the stock market.
  • Don't monopolize or dominate the conversation. Give everyone a chance to chat.
  • Don't brag and boast about results, let your analysis do the talking.
  • Use the chart sharing feature in chat only for its intended purpose, abusing it to show other content is not allowed.
  • We implemented an ignore function to allow you to mute users at your discretion, use at your will, but don’t announce it in public chat. That is childish, confrontational and unnecessary.
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