Brokerage reviews

TradingView allows for users to connect a brokerage and trade live from their chart. You can write a review about your brokerage to let everyone know about your experience. You need to have a live account with a brokerage or exchange to leave a review and follow some basic guidelines:

  • You are not allowed to leave a review if you are employed by the broker or directly affiliated.
  • Your review should not contain language that is inflammatory, including violent and defamatory statements or that otherwise breech our House Rules or applicable laws.
  • The content of your review should not appear to be solely concerned with ethical and/or political opinion.
  • Your review should not include personal information about another individual or any other information that could be used to identify or contact someone.
  • The review should be relevant to the services offered by the broker.
  • Your review should not include promotional references or links.
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