Problems with mobile subscriptions in India

Some users in India may experience problems with purchasing a mobile subscription on the Android app. Due to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations, automatic payments in India will be limited to ₹5,000 INR per transaction. The e-mandate notification also requires Google to set up an e-mandate for your card.

In this case, there are several ways to solve the problem:

  • Check if there is an alert in the Payments profile in Google Play about the need to verify the card for e-mandate. If there is any, please follow the instructions and verify the card.
  • Change the payment method on Google Play or change the bank card in the payment method.

There are some cases when a subscription is not issued despite the completion of the purchase process and sometimes the withdrawal of money. In this case, check the Payments & Subscriptions section of Google Play if the subscription is active. There are two options here:

  • Subscription is canceled: the return process will be launched immediately and the money will be returned after a while. The money will be returned to your card in a few days (depending on the bank). This problem on the part of Google Play may be temporary, so just try again.
  • Subscription is active, please write to our support team

If nothing worked, you can buy a subscription from web version of the platform We as well accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin for annual plans.

You can also visit the Google Pay help page and read more about the RBI regulations