Alerts based on real-time and non-real-time symbols

In case you see the red icon on the chart, this means the data is provided by BATS. See more information here.

For any other delayed symbol other than provided by BATS, the “D” letter will be displayed.

real-time data symbol looks as follows (no red icon is displayed).

The prefix of the exchange is only displayed in the alerts manager section.

In case you move a BATS based symbol on a real-time data chart, the prefix changes accordingly.

Kindly note that the prefix is not displayed in the alert dialog. Only the symbol name is indicated.

If you set up an alert based on a BATS symbol and purchased a US market real-time data package afterward, the alert will still be based on the BATS symbol, until you restart the same alert, but on the relevant real-time data symbol.

As you can see, if an alert is set up based on the non-real-time data symbol, the alert line will not be displayed on the equivalent real-time data symbol.