Want to become a TradingView Moderator?

We're looking for a new hero to be a moderator for our Russian Language Community! 🦸‍♂️

Your job as a moderator:
- Make TradingView fun and make sure everyone follows the rules. 🌟

What you get:
- Talk with our team and the people who started TradingView. 💬
- Share your ideas to make TradingView better. 📝
- Get a free Premium account, free data, special gifts, and more followers. 🎁
- Maybe even work at TradingView one day. Many moderators have done this! 👍

Who we need:
  • Knows TradingView really well. 🧐
  • Active and happy in the Russian TradingView community. 😄
  • Known for great posts and helping others. 🌈
  • What you should have:
    -- At least 100 good posts. ✔️
    -- People like your posts. 👍
    -- More than 100 followers. 🤝
  • Likes to talk nicely with people and follows the rules. 🗣️
  • Can spend at least an hour every day helping and checking posts. ⏳
  • Has been a good member of TradingView for more than six months with few rule breaks. 📆
  • Can speak and write in English well. 🇬🇧
  • Knows a lot about trading. 📊

If this sounds like you and you can help a few hours every day, look at these links for more information:

Want to be our hero? Apply here:
(Please fill the form in English).

Any questions? 🙋‍♂️
Reach out in a private message to @zAngus or @Nico.Muselle

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Read more about the new tools and features we're building for you:
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