TradingView is looking for a Russian moderator!

TradingView is looking for a new Russian moderator.

TradingView Moderators - Are you the one?

Hi all, we have an opening in our moderation team for one or two new Russian moderators. A key requirement is you are fluent in Russian and English, know the platform well, and would most of all like to help others get the most out of their TradingView experience.

If this sounds like you, then read on :)

TradingView is a network of influential traders, investors, and market participants, all sharing information and improving one another’s knowledge. Moderators are key members in the TradingView community who’ve earned trust from members and TradingView staff. Many are volunteers driven by enthusiasm and love for the community as well as great investing ideas. They actively help others and make TradingView one of the most energetic investing networks out there.

As we grow, we continue to expand our volunteer network and strengthen the moderation team.

What we are looking for:

If you:

- Have built a good reputation for yourself on TradingView by sharing quality content and being helpful to other users.
- A good starting point is:

✅ a minimum of 50 ideas posted that have a good analysis & idea description,
✅ you consistently get likes for your posted ideas,
✅ you have more than 200 followers,
✅ you participate regularly in one of more of our main chats.


➕ You like to interact with people in a positive way while upholding the house rules and can appreciate other people’s opinions and share yours in a constructive way.
➕ Have at least an hour per day to spend helping out the community and moderating.
➕ Are a respected member of TradingView for more than six months and have kept your violations of the house rules to an absolute minimum.
➕ Can communicate well in English
➕ Have a good general trading knowledge.

As a moderator of the community, here’s some of the things you can expect from us:

- A front row seat to the TradingView team, you’ll be the first to know what new features we’re implementing, what we’re currently working on, and some of our plans for the future. And of course you get to participate in discussions regarding TradingView’s future and test things out.
- Higher visibility for your profile: moderators are noticed by more users, so you’ll get more views, likes and interactions on your ideas.
- Swag drops and rewards for top performers: our top moderators are rewarded with exclusive TradingView gear, swag, t-shirts, mugs, and more.
- Free Premium account: the TradingView account with all features that can help you become an even better trader.
- Additional data subscriptions free upon simple request.
- More things will be added in the future as well?

You can find out more about our moderators here. Feel free to reach out to one of our active mods on the page and learn more.

If you are interested, then please apply here
⚠️ Only forms filled out completely and in English will be considered.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you make the finalist list, we’ll be in touch shortly.

Team TradingView

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