Numerology and the occult with dump BTC 2013-2015

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Numerology is an occult with a dump of BTC 2013-2015. On the schedule of the day.
Each period has a certain occult number of days. Day to day. Time slices in price history with non-random numbers 911,700,216 (666), 77. 40 . In each period, the figure laid down, which corresponds to the semantic movement of prices.

"Whales" market occultists? Or it seems that the people who run the market really believe in these numbers, and for them this is a kind of symbolism. After all, such logical accidents can not be. And each digit denotes a specific period (number of days) logically denotes an action or a phase of the market in a certain period.

911- High market prices, the whole dump, the accumulation and consolidation above strong resistance. This market reversal. Analogy with the Twin Towers as a symbol of the destruction of the “old” and the construction of the “new”

700 High market prices, dump, exit from zone 216 (666). Start reversal 700 days. 7 means good luck. Start.

216 - Channel of accumulation "real bottom" + 2 minimum prices.
 7.2 months! And now?) Who knows numerology knows that the number 216 is nothing more than the hidden designation of the "number of the beast" 666. 216 days is something other than 6-6-6 multipliers, the zone of Hell (bottom). Perhaps this is how "Whales" denoted 666 bottom. By the way, very often such large orders flash before discharge. Very often I use it. But often it is simply used by "pranksters - imitators" to deceive.

40 - Output from the downward channel of accumulation. Trade over it for 40 days (as the analogy is now bred) and then a super dump with updating the low prices. 40 days (the analogy of how Moses drove 40 years of people in the desert. And here they showed a U-turn , Moses was led only instead of 40 years - 40 days. They gave hope of growth and brought hamsters to the bottom update.

77- Last low price and high price 77 days. In numerology, the number 77 means - starting a new destiny, a new history - a new BTC cycle, the market in general.

These are the funny “whales” in our cryptocurrency.
If in the current history BTC repeats the previous history of 2013-2015. Agree that the graphs and periods are very similar. So maybe in our time it will work too?
I do not believe in a real U-turn right now.
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are you still working with the Occult ideology and BTC idea?
SpartaBTC cmdmakara
@cmdmakara, This is reality.
cmdmakara SpartaBTC
@SpartaBTC, interesting, I'm working on something you might be interested in. Numerology, occult days etc. Discovered by chance by myself.
SpartaBTC cmdmakara
@cmdmakara, No, I do not work with this on the chart, I just showed that it is.
But I communicate through the numbers in orders on the exchange. I have been using this for more than 2 years through the order book and the purchase / sales history.
I published this idea on January 15th All BTC cycles since the beginning of history
Bitcoin price Comparison past with present. Halving.