S&P500 has started forming wave E of Triangle in 4 Primary wave

SPCFD:SPX   Индекс Standard & Poor’s 500

Hello traders

I've counted wave at SPX and I suppose that now Intermediate wave E inside 4 primary wave has started to forming itself in this month

I calculate proportions between 1 and 3 Primary waves (Green color) and let's see what I got:

1 Primary wave:
Begin 666.8$ ending 1363.6$
1363.6 - 666.8 = 696.8$ Total
696.8 / 666.8 = 104.4% Total

3 Primary wave:
Begin 1074.8$ Ending 2872.9$
2872.9 - 1074.8 = 1798.1$ Total
1798.1 / 1074.8 = 167.4% Total

Fibo proportions between 1 and 3 Primary waves:

1. Amount propotions
1 wave 696.8 * 2.618 = 1824.2 3 wave equal 1798.1 Fibo harmony :)
3 wave 1798.1 * 0.382 = 686.9 1 wave equal 696.8 again Fibo harmony :)

2. Percentage
1 wave 104.4% * 1.618 = 168.9% 3 wave equal 167.4 % Fibo Harmony :)
3 wave 167.4% * 0.618 = 103.4% 1 wave equal 104.4 % again Fibo harmony :)

Such incredible Fibo harmony in proportions between waves shown me that I have deternined ending of 3 Primary wave absolutely correct and now 4th Primary is forming itself on the Chart. In according with Elliott's waves theory the most often structure of 4th wave in Cycle is Triangle and I suppose that intermediate waves A, B, C and D of triangle are completed already and in this month the Wave E has started. I think that the target of wave E is 2186$, cause if we put Fibo retracement on 3 primary wave 38.2% will be exactly in this area and trend line between minimums of waves A and D lead us to the same area, so I'm pretty sure that there is endig of 4th Primary wave and begining of 5th Primary.

So i supose that bearish market will continue till September or October of 2019 and will found its bottom between 2150$ and 2200$ at S&P500

But may be I'm wrong who knows only time will shows us

Wish good profits for everyone! :)
I hope my forecast will help to someone
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Wave E has started
look forward to see it happen
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