Hello. Our task is to find the local minimum. The trade is entered on the basis of RSI and SMA according to a specific formula, which is embedded in the code. When the RSI crosses the SMA upside down, a long position is entered. You can change the length of the RSI . The longer the length, the less frequent, but more accurate the entrance, and vice versa. You can use a different time frame. The default RSI length is 25 and the time frame is 15 minutes. Use hooks for auto trading, there is an alert. I recommend using a larger number of altcoins and with the default settings or TF 5 minutes. If you want to "scalp", then use the length 15-21 and take profit 0.5-2 percent. See the history of signals and you can make the optimal strategy for yourself. Due to the strong volatility , these settings are optimal. I use position averaging over history, additional purchase occurs no more than three times, before going into a plus. Entering a trade in notifications "once per bar". To exit, you can use scripts from other authors, for example, pivot / resistance points. No repainting. If anyone has any questions, write, I will answer in detail. good luck trading, dear friends!
Информация о релизе: +Multi- Multiplier for sma
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