Momentum Drift Oscillator

™TradeChartist Momentum Drift Oscillator is a elegantly designed Oscillator that uses both trend following and mean reversion models, that helps visualize the price momentum, based on user defined lookback period and standard deviation.


Momentum Drift Oscillator ( MDO ) Features:

  • MDO shows how far away the price is, from the mean, based on Lookback Length (21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233) and Standard Deviation input (Min - 0.236, Max - 2.0), and helps understand potential price reversal points based on mean reversion principles.

  • Drift Visualizer helps visualise the velocity with which Price moves and helps the trader spot various momentum drift zones like Fuel zones, Overbought/Oversold areas and Bull/Bear Exhaustion limits. Drift Visualizer above 150 is usually Overbought and value above 200 is Super Overbought. Similarly, value below -150 is usually Oversold and value below -200 is Super Oversold.

  • Option to enable and disable coloured bars based on Momentum Drift. (Colour intensity on Price bars helps visualise the price momentum - 2 Colour Schemes available from the settings - Chilli and Flame).

  • Long and Short Trade Alerts can be created using Once Per Bar Close.

  • The indicator does not repaint. Alerts may display potential repaint warning, but this is because the code uses bar index for Drift Visualizer labels. For confidence in the indicator, it can be tested using bar replay to make sure the real-time and bar replay trade entries and plots stay on the same bar/timestamp.

  • MDO can be connected to ™TradeChartist Plug and Trade to generate Trade Entries, Targets, Sop Loss plots etc and to create all types of alerts.


Why is Momentum Drift Oscillator ( MDO ) different from traditional Momentum based indicators?

  • This Momentum Drift model truly combines mean reversion and trend following principles, but with a unique original idea.

  • It needs 2 user defined inputs - Lookback length and Standard Deviation. If for example, say the trend is Bullish and MDO is above 0, the Oscillator doesn't go below 0, even if there is extreme bull exhaustion, if the trend based on lookback and standard deviation is not favorable to reverse trades.

  • Only Fibonacci lookback periods (21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233) are used as they have been found more effective than other periods. The default Lookback period is 55 and Standard Deviation is 1, but this can be changed from the settings. Lower values of Lookback period go well with higher Standard Deviation and higher values of Lookback period go well with lower Standard Deviation (0.5, 0.618, 0.786, 0.886, 1 etc.), based on trading style and personal risk strategy.

  • The indicator includes a Drift Visualizer that helps spot important trade zones based on Price Velocity, calculated dynamically for every bar based on user defined parameters. The first move above or below 0 always opens at Bull Fuel or Bear Fuel zone and the exhaustion zones are reached only at the time of price returning to the mean. But it doesn't change direction if the trend is still up, so the trader can make an informed decision as to when to reverse trades, based on another confirmator.

  • Similarly, when the Visualizer reaches Fuel or Support/Resistance zones, it normally needs a bit of a push to reach the Overbought - Super Overbought/Oversold - Super Oversold levels where the price normally starts reversing back to the mean and this whole process can be visualized through Visualizer labels on MDO . This process eliminates a lot of noise that normally comes with traditional Momentum indicators.


Example Charts:

1. XAU-USD 1hr chart - Lookback - 55, Std Dev - 2

2. ADA-USDT 4hr chart - Lookback - 89, Std Dev - 1

3. WTI - USOIL Daily chart - Lookback - 34, Std Dev - 1.618

4. SPX Daily chart - Lookback - 144, Std Dev - 0.236

5. GBP-USD 15m chart - Lookback - 144, Std Dev - 0.618

6. BTC-USD 1hr connected to Plug and Trade - Lookback - 55, Std Dev - 1


Best Practice: Test with different settings first using Paper Trades before trading with real money


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