Hi guys!

This is my new 2pm_3pm_4pm strategy, for GBPAUD only.

The name of the strategy is because you can have maximum one signal per day, at 2pm or at 3 pm or at 4pm UTC+2 (Rome)
It works more or less as the previus strategy GBPUSD , so for the details you can have a look at

Risk/Reward ratio is around 2.5 and the initial capital of the backtest is even this time 1.000 USD.

To use this trategy you can subscribe for 40€/month, but if you already subscribed 2pm_3pm_4pm GBP.USD TARI PRIVATE it's only 20€/month.

Enjoy your wallet guys!!

Jun 18
Информация о релизе: Hi guys,

in the previous versione the position didn't close automatically at 1pm but at 2 pm.

Now I fixed it.

Enjoy your wallet!

Jun 20
Информация о релизе: In this version TP and SL appear at the beginning of the hour signal instead at the end. So you can open the position and set TP and SL just in once!

Enjoy your wallet!

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hi can i have the accesses on trial basis
TARIFOREX ashishpurohit
@ashishpurohit, there is not a trial basis, but you can have a look for a few days. Cheers. Tari.
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