Synthetic Levels indicator v.2.0

“Synthetic Levels” Indicator 2.0

Class: graphic patterns

Trading type: reversal trading

Time frame: any

Purpose: detection of levels

Level of aggressiveness: standard

The “Synthetic Levels” indicator is designed to determine synthetic levels both support and resistance .

Synthetic levels are price zones where the most likely prices will change direction, but these zones are not obtained by determining chart patterns, they are the result of specific calculations.

Levels are determined based on a unique author's algorithm, which includes the most common techniques for determining levels: pivots , fractals, fibo levels, as well as extreme points approach.

By processing and comparing the values of support / resistance levels generated by different technics (see the list above), the “Synthetic Levels” indicator determines the actual price parameters of the support / resistance levels, as well as their power at a particular point in time.
The “Synthetic Levels” indicator displays three variants of support and resistance lines, which allows the trader to independently regulate the level of aggressiveness of the trading strategy, and can also can be used to build new trading strategies based on averaging and Martingale.
The information provided by the “Synthetic Levels” indicator can also be used to determine entry points (sell from resistance levels and buy from support levels), as well as to determine stop-losses and take-profits. Stops for buying are set below the support levels, and for sells - above the resistance levels. Profits for buys can be placed near the resistance lines, and for sells - in front of support lines.

The level power (displayed as a numerical value from 1 to 4 near each level line) allows to determine the trade volume of the position. The higher the power of the level is, the more aggressive the volume can be entered into the transaction. The power of a level is determined by the number of coincidences of the values of the levels calculated by different techniques. For example, if at some point the calculated values of the support level based on the “Pivots” technique turned out to be equal to the values obtained by the “Fractals” technique, the level power will be 2.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Although the level looks like a line, that is a specific price, but in fact it is not so. The level line is rather a starting point for the formation of a price zone where prices will change the direction.

To detect trend activation points “Synthetic Levels” indicator 2.0 has double signal block: the first determines the medium-term market sentiment to the asset; the second is responsible for assessing the current market sentiment.

Structure of the indicator

Indicator consists of the following elements:

- Support lines incl. their power – 3 blue lines. Each of them displays variant of support line. The power of the level is displayed near the level line.

- Resistance lines incl. their power – 3 red lines. Each of them displays variant of resistance line. The power of the level is displayed near the level line.

- trend line – is designed for color indication of the current dominant tendency. If the color of the signal line is red, it means that the downward trend prevails, blue is for upward, and green is for flat. Accordingly, the trader should adjust his/her actions based on this information: search for sell opportunities and not buy if the line is red; search for purchases and not sell if the line is blue.

Parameters of the indicator

To configure the indicator, the following parameters are provided:

- Fibo period (default value - 34) - period for determining the Fibo lines. The higher the value is, the deeper the Indicator will dig in past prices.

- Period to calculate levels (default value - 13) - period for determining the levels used by Extreme points approach. The higher the value is, the deeper the Indicator will dig in past prices.

- Error in pips (default value - 10) – size of the price zone where levels are treated as the same ones.

- Trendline period (default value - 44) - period for determining the medium-term trend. The higher the value is, the more conservative the perception indicator of a trend will be.

- Trend period (default value - 13) - period to determine the current trend. Responsible for the level of trade aggressiveness. The lower the value of this parameter, the more signals the indicator will generate and vice versa.

- Trend error in pips (default value is 1) - this parameter is used to control the frequency of the signals. The lower it is, the more signals the indicator will generate.

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