Stock Market Indices Correlations Heatmap

Hello traders!

This tool shows you the correlation between well-known stock market indices and selected instrument. Also it has customizable alerts for the strong positive and negative correlations.

What are correlation and correlation coefficient?
Correlation is a term from mathematical statistics that describes the strength of linear relationship between the variables (in our case: financial instruments).
Simply speaking, it describes whether or not instruments move in same/opposite directions.

Correlation coefficient is a statistical measure of the correlation and that is bounded in a range of -1 to 1. The most common calculation of the correlation coefficient is the Pearson product-moment method.

How to interpret?
  • The darker the color, the stronger the correlation
  • Green colors mean positive correlations
  • Red colors mean negative correlations
  • Transparent colors mean no correlation or absence of the symbol data

Supported indices

I attach screenshots to show you how it works with other instruments.

How to get access
  • Buy for only 59$ to get lifetime access to this indicator

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