Kzx PT mod v1.0 by RX-RAY

Kzx Position tracker mod v1.0 by RX-RAY
Original script by K-zax

The modification was made for the USDRUB ticker (the number of digits in the values ​​of price, interest, lot volume and profit loss for other tickers may affect the positioning of the inscription, but it is fully operative and it may be used with other tickers )

Typical label view:
+/-0.16% - % of price chang ( range +/-9.99)
20 - position value (range 0-99)
(S) - position type (L) - long (S) - short
+/-0017 - actual profit/loss in cash (range +/- 9999)

(All range value for correct label position,
but script mod can be used out off range)

List of additions and changes:
1. Added display of position value, short / long position type and profit / loss value (including broker commission).
2. Positive interest change now corresponds to profit, negative change in interest to loss in accordance with the type of position ( short/long )
3. The position of the inscription and the digits of the values ​​are fixed and now insignificantly depends on the change in the time interval and the change in the scale of the graph and the change in data values ​​and their signs.
4. Added changing the color of the inscription in the situation positive price change, but profit < commission fee. (critical gain).

Информация о релизе: Аdded tags to make it easier to find the script
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