Syminfo [Epi]

Hello! This little script tells you everything TradingView lets you access in a ticker's syminfo in Pine Script:
- description
- type: crypto, economic, forex, fund, futures , index, spread, stock
- tickerid, such as AMEX:BLOK
- prefix, such as AMEX
- Ticker, such as BLOK
- root: for derivatives such as futures contracts
- currency, such as USD
- base currency: returns 'BTC' for the ticker 'BTCUSD'
- mintick
- point value
- session: regular, extended
- timezone

Some surprises I found in my development:
- there are some more types than mentioned in the documentation,
- the tickerid takes on additional information if you adjust for dividends or show extended session,
- the prefix contains "_DL" additions depending on your data subscriptions, .e.g. "CME_MINI_DL:ES1!",
- with futures , TV will show session.regular both for the 'regular' and the 'electronic' session.
- Unfortunately, syminfo does not contain the 'sector', although TV has the information in the database (the sector is shown in the screener but not accessed in Pine Script).

I use this little utility in my development and hope it's useful for the community. I see such a great number of contributions from the community and would like to give back, even if it's not much.

Информация о релизе: Version 2: added the new syminfo.volumetype.
According to TV, there are four possible values:
- "base"
- "quote" for currencies
- "tick" i.e. number of transactions
- "n/a"
Today, "n/a" appears on most tickers. We'll see whether that changes...
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