Auto Support & Resistance Volume Based + Scanner

This indicator tracks large marker maker orders and draws support & resistance levels based on where those orders came in. It allows you to track what the market makers are doing and place your trades in line with them. Look for the lines to suck up to the price and that will show you where large orders are coming in which is where reversals will happen or trend continuation will happen at an accelerated rate. The fat lines are higher timeframe volume spikes and major volume spikes. Look for bounces off of these fat lines. The fatter the line, the bigger the volume spike. The skinny lines are minor volume spikes over shorter time periods. These can be viewed as short term support and resistance levels and consolidation zones.

***HOW TO USE***
Look for bounces off of the fat lines and place trades accordingly. Those levels are where the market makers placed their orders and you will notice how well price reacts to these levels.

Look for the lines to suck up/down to the price. This shows you where volume is coming in which typically means a reversal is about to happen. If a reversal doesn’t happen, then the trend will continue its original direction, but usually move faster. Wait for these lines to suck up to price before trying to buy the bottoms or sell the tops. If you can have the patience to wait for this to happen, it will keep you out of a lot of choppy price action and give you very good places to take trades that move quickly.

When all the levels suck up to the price and all the colors change to red from green or green from red, it is an indication of market sentiment changing and the trend will likely reverse.

For best results, use this on charts for exchanges that have the highest volume and the most institutional buyers as those will give better levels since there are more market makers on those exchanges. Use exchanges such as NYSE, ARCA and NASDAQ for stocks and use COINBASE, BINANCE, MEXC perpetual futures charts or PEPPERSTONE for crypto.

If price breaks out or down from the group of levels and no lines suck up to the price, then it is a low volume breakout and price usually comes right back to the support and resistance levels so beware when this happens.

If there are no levels near the current price, look at the previous levels in that price range as those are still very relevant areas.

You can also draw trendlines from recent high and low points of the lines where they changed, which works very well for finding tops/bottoms in confluence with the real time s&r levels.

I recommend looking at higher timeframes and drawing horizontal lines where the fat lines are that extend for a long period of time. Then you will have those levels on your lower timeframe charts so you don’t miss any major levels that price will likely bounce off of.

Make sure you spend some time looking back at historical data so you can get a feel for how this indicator reacts to volume spikes before using it.

This indicator scans higher timeframes for volume spikes, so make sure you update the higher timeframes used when looking at anything higher than the 1 minute timeframe as that is what the settings are optimized for. You can create new chart layouts for each timeframe you use frequently and save your settings on each chart so that you don’t have to update those settings when you switch timeframes.

The table at the bottom of the screen scans 8 other tickers for volume spikes. When a volume spike is detected, the color of that ticker will change from blue to orange to notify you. You can customize which tickers the indicator scans within the indicator settings. Make sure to save your chart layout with your updated tickers so you don’t have to change them frequently. Input all tickers from a certain sector to see how that sector is performing overall which can help give you a good idea of the sector as a whole. Save a different chart layout with each different sector you want to scan so you don’t have to switch the tickers frequently.

This indicator is set up with alerts that can be turned on to notify you of volume spikes on the ticker that the chart is set to.

You can customize the colors of the lines and backgrounds in the indicator style tab. You can also turn off the scanner if you want to within the indicator input tab. The tickers to scan can be customized to suit your preferences within the indicator input tab. The higher timeframes used can also be adjusted within the indicator input tab.

This indicator can be used on all markets that have volume data, including stocks, crypto, futures and forex.

This indicator can be used on all timeframes as long as there is enough data for the session used.

Try using numerous indicators of ours on your chart so you can instantly see the bullish or bearish trend of multiple indicators in real time without having to analyze the data. Some of our favorites are our Trend Friend Signals, Volume Profile with Buy & Sell Pressure, RSI Scalper Ribbon and Auto Support & Resistance with Wick Signals to find those major levels that are not associated with volume spikes in combination with this volume based auto support and resistance indicator.

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