Class: oscillator
Purpose: intraday
Period: 15 min

Indicator “AbdoulFX” is developed for intraday trading purposes. The most relevant time frame for it is 15 min. Still it can be used on other frames as well (some additional modifications may be needed).
Indicator is based on the Gaussian distribution and generates trade signals with different levels of aggressiveness. Signals with less power have the lowest trade volumes (x1). The more powerful the signals are the bigger trade volumes are proposed (x2 or x3).

Structure of Indicator

Indicator consists of three red lines and three blue lines. These lines model the high and low values of the price for the current period of time. Each line is characterized by a certain level of probability. That means that current candle high (low) will not be higher (lower) than the red (blue) line. The farthest red (blue) line has the biggest probability not to be reached and crossed.
Also in case of signal appearance special marks are displayed on the price graph.

Rules of trading

All trades should be done within current or next 15 min candle. In general the next candle means the next trade cycle.
General rules are as follows: buy near the blue line, sell near the red line. Take-profits are set to the nearest another colored line. In case of sell – the nearest blue line (in case of buy – the red one). Stop-losses are above/below the last red/blue line.

In order to ease trading this indicator generates trade signals by itself.

Buy x1 – first buy trade with basic volume ;
Buy x2 - second buy trade with double volume ;
Buy x3 – third (the last) buy trade with triple volume ;

Sell x1 – first sell trade with basic volume ;
Sell x2 - second sell trade with double volume ;
Sell x3 – third (the last) sell trade with triple volume ;
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