Forex Breakout Alert

The indicator plots breakout events of user-defined Forex list, providing alert setting for breakout events.

Any big trend begins with a couple of price breakouts. By watching breakout events, we overlook the panorama of the whole market.

---------- Features --------------
User-Defined Forex Asset List, Up To 30 Assets
User-Defined Breakout Threshold
Accessible for wide timeframes: 1m - 1 Month
Plot the Breakouts History of whole market
Progressive color according to the strength of the breakthrough

--------- Indicator Settings -----------
"Show Bull or Bear?": To show Bull Breakout, Bear Breakout or Both
"User-Defined Breakout Threshold": User can defined the threshold of breakout, default value 999 means using default setting
"Use Green for Bull? ": Toggle color for Bull, defval: true, if your region use red for bull, toggle it.
"Exchange": Your exchange name, which is used to defined tickerid, defval="", optional - can be empty
"Asset PostFix": postfix of your asset symbol, which is used to define tickerid, defval="", change it if necessary

---------- Versions Description ----------
The features may change later without advance notice.
DEMO version has basic features.

---------- Access to Indicators ----------
Contact the author by Private Chat for access to Invite-Only versions and a trial.

---------- Install Invite Only Version----------
Open the chart -> Add Indicators (On the Top or press /) -> Invite-Only Scripts (last button of the left bar)
Like/Favorite the indicator
Click to install on the chart

---------- About Loading Time ----------
It may take up to 1-3 minutes for your browser to load a new setting, depending on the your computer and network speed. For convenience, you can keep related pages open continuously.

---------- FAQ -----------
1. Why can't I see older breakout labels?
Due to system limit, 500 is the maximum of labels.
In order to see older breakout events, please Select Bull or Bear, instead of Both; Or Increase the threshold to filter weak breakouts.
2. How to watch more than 30 Forex?
Due to system limit, 30 assets is the maximum.
In order to watch more assets, user can open the indicator in another sub-chart, add your 2nd assets list, save the layout, set alerts for different lists respectively.

---------- Disclaimer ----------
By using or requesting access to the indicator, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted that the indicator and any related content, including but not limited to: user manual, tutorials, ideas, videos, chats, emails, blog, are for the purpose of trading strategies studying and paper trading.
If a customer or user uses the indicator or related content mentioned above for live trading or investment, she/he should take all risks and responsibility.

---------- Updates ----------
The latest updates override the previous description.
To activate a update: Close the browser, Reopen the chart and apply the indicator.


---------- 产品特征------------
漸進顏色 根據突破的力度

------------- 指标设置说明 -------------------
"展示牛熊突破?": 展示牛突破,熊突破或者两者
“用户自定义突破门槛”: 自己定义突破门槛,999代表默认的设置
"綠色為牛?": 切換標籤顏色,默認綠色為牛
“资产后缀”: 用来定义资产后缀,可以为空

---------- 版本描述 ----------------

----------- 獲取指標使用權 ------------

----------- 安裝指標 -----------------
加指標 -》 Invite-Only (左邊欄目)

----------- 關於載入時間 ---------------

------- FAQ ----------
1. 如何查看更早的突破歷史
由於系統限制,500 個標籤是上限
為了查看更早的突破,請選擇牛或者熊,而不是兩者;或者提高"用戶自定義突破門檻" 來過濾掉弱突破
2. 如何監控更多資產?

---------- 免責聲明 ----------
在要求獲得本指標使用權之前以及在使用本指標之前,用戶認可已經完全了解和接受:本指標僅供學習交流目的, 它不構成任何交易建議或者投資建議。用戶如果將指標用於其他用途,應自行承擔所有風險和責任。


Invite-only script

Access to this script is restricted to users authorized by the author and usually requires payment. You can add it to your favorites, but you will only be able to use it after requesting permission and obtaining it from its author. Contact go8686 for more information, or follow the author's instructions below.

TradingView предлагает не платить за скрипт и не использовать его, если вы на 100% не доверяете автору и не понимаете, как этот скрипт работает. Во многих случаях вы можете найти хорошую альтернативу с открытым кодом бесплатно в нашей Публичной библиотеке.

Хотите использовать этот скрипт на графике?

Внимание: прочтите это перед тем, как запросить досутп.

PM the author for a trial of the indicators. 联系作者要求试用指标。
A Trading Indicator Artisan, JAVA Programmer, who is helping traders improve productivity.
JAVA程序员, 专注于加密货币交易指标开发,致力于帮助交易者提高效率。


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