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Hello. This strategy is based on go_up alerts.
Our task is to find the local minimum. The trade is entered on the basis of RSI and SMA according to a specific formula, which is embedded in the code. When the RSI crosses the SMA upside down, a long position is entered. You can change the length of the RSI . The longer the length, the less frequent, but more accurate the entrance, and vice versa. You can use a different time frame.
The settings have:
1) RSI length, the lower the length, the more often the entry.
2) Testing results for any period of time
3) Take profit for any percentage
4) Stop order for any percentage
5) If there is a check mark ✅, then purchases will always be made, and if not, then purchases will be made, BUT, if the next payback is lower than the previous one, it does not matter by what percentage.
6) If there is a check mark ✅, then each trace of the purchase will be made provided that it is lower by the percentage specified, even if the conditions of the purchase are triggered.
7) The filled area is made for visual display of consolidation zones

Default settings:
RSI length 15, step 1.5, take profit 15, stop order 30.
Also in the settings there is a pyramid of the order, keep this in mind. Enter a deal for a small part of the deposit, and not for all the money at once! You can remove pyramiding and see the results with one entry.
For a more visual understanding, overlay the go_up script.
You can choose a strategy for yourself based on history! If you need examples of strategies, then write to me, my contacts are in the column: instructions from the author.
Successful trades, dear friends, I am glad that you trust me!
Информация о релизе:
New description!
---The settings have---
-RSI length, the lower the length, the more often the entry.
-Testing results for any period of time
-Use all signals, no limits? (When there is a check mark, the inputs will always occur, and when there is no check mark, the inputs will also always be, but not higher than the previous one)
-Limit each next entry? (There will be no entry, even if the purchase conditions work, until a certain percentage of the last purchase is reduced)
-Martingale first order (the amount of the entrance to the usdt) / next order (Increase of each subsequent order as a percentage)
-Use RSI for close position? (the position will not be closed if it is in the red, even if the RSI conditions worked)
-Use % for exit? (take profit and stop loss when a certain percentage is reached
-Also in the settings there is a pyramid of order, keep this in mind. Make a deal for a small part of the deposit, and not for all the money at once!
- to use martingale, you need to write in the hook messages:
"amount": "{{strategy.order.contracts}}" (purchases will be in the amount of coins equivalent to USDT)
Информация о релизе:
Fixed bug with position recalculation
Информация о релизе:
-Added automatic calculation of the position amount when using martingale. (Pyramiding, in the settings must be equal to the pyramid in the properties)
Информация о релизе:
+Multi- Multiplier for sma
+Filter settings
-If the checkbox is checked, the filter will be applied, in the logic of which rsi / wma. When a buy signal is triggered, the RSI is lower than the lower line, then a buy occurs.
PS: For visual understanding, the filter will be provided separately.
Информация о релизе:
-New filter based on 6 popular (averaged) oscillators
When the checkbox is checked, the filter will be applied.
PS: For visual understanding, the filter will be provided separately.

-Added grid with martingale
(1) If there is a check mark in the line "Use martingale and grid?"
then the grid will be active
(2) If the "Use all signals, no limits?" Column is checked, then buy signals will always occur.
(3) If there is a check mark in the "Limit each next entry,%?" then, even if the entry from the bot logic is triggered, and the price does not fall by the specified percentage, then there will be no entry!
(4) If there is a check mark in the "Grid,%" column, then purchases with martingale support will be added with a decrease by the specified percentage!
PS: "Grid" always starts anew, as the input from logic triggered!
Информация о релизе:
-Added leverage and% at which will be liquidated when all orders are triggered
Информация о релизе:
-Safe settings for 5 minutes timeframe by default
-upgrade to version 5 pine
Информация о релизе:
Added a new way to close a deal (trailing take)
Exit settings (trailing)
Use trailing? - if the checkbox is checked, then trailing is used, not paying attention to closing by percentage and RSI!
Use stop loss,stop price, % ? - if there is a check mark, then there will be a hundred ploss, if not, then it will be absent.
Activation trail after, %- When the price has reached the specified percentage, trailing is activated.
Stop_trail,%- Stop after activating trailing.
We have reached 5 percent growth and the trail has turned on, then the stop trail will be triggered from the last maximum price, by the percentage that is specified.

PS: Changed default settings, percentage calculations when using 1015 usdt and 10 leverage. if you decide to use the default settings, then I recommend removing the stop loss and enabling cross trading. You can change the settings and the number of orders based on your capabilities. maybe it will be 20 orders, 20 leverage. look at your strengths and select settings based on backtesting.

//Good luck,friends!
Информация о релизе:
Fixed display of trailing stop.
When it reaches the yellow line, trailing is activated.
Информация о релизе:
- SrcF- finding the deviation of rsi about sma, the lower the value, the rarer, but more accurate the entries
- Filter volume-added filter by volume, the higher the number, the rarer the inputs
//Added filter "range" , based on the calculation of previous bars
-filter type -selection of moving average for calculation.
-bars back: offset speed based on number of last bars
-period:period to calculate
//Added supertrend filter with multitimeframe
// How do filters work?
Filters can work either one by one or together.
A trade is entered when conditions from the logic and filters in the red zone are triggered, when there are no entries in the green zone.
When the filter is green, you can navigate to it and hold the position!

approximate default settings with rare but accurate inputs. 10 leverage and 10 inputs.
- can also be used for 3 minutes timeframe.
You can leave the default settings or make your own.
PS: with these settings, I advise you to trade the entire altcoin market, limiting yourself to the number of positions in order to protect your deposit!
Информация о релизе:
-changed default settings for tf 1 minute
-Changed trailing color to purple
Информация о релизе:
Added login logic:
We use the regression channel together with the custom CCI divergence, when we touch the boundaries and at this moment the divergence conditions are checked, if it matches, then the position is entered.

-The stop order is triggered after the last order! Not after every purchase!
-Added custom grid when checkbox is checked: "Use custom grid?", then the grid will be enabled, by default it consists of 20 orders.
In the first column, enter the amount in USDT, in the second column, the percentage at which the next purchases will be triggered.
If you need a smaller number of orders, then put "0'' in the "amount" field.
Remember that your pyramiding must always match the amount specified in the properties.
-When using a custom grid, according to logic, only the first purchase occurs, the grid is responsible for all other orders.
The settings are relevant and optimal for all altcoins and have been tested on many pairs since the beginning of trading, with a deep history.
Информация о релизе:
Fixed capital bug in properties
Информация о релизе:
-adjusted coup from one entrance
-removed custom grid
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