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AMAT 33% | 2 BBY 16% | 1 LULU 16% | 1 SPX 16% | 1
PavelPolusko PavelPolusko TBK, 1Д, Длинная ,
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TBK, 1Д Длинная
Ttiumph Bank

Tomorrow, after market close TBK has Q2\2018 and something saggest me that $44 doesnt limit from this company.

PavelPolusko PavelPolusko LULU, 1Н, Длинная ,
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LULU, 1Н Длинная
LuLuLemon Athletica and this Thursday .

On this week we will see the Q1/2018 Lululemon Athletica Inc. To my mind the situation with this Q1 sometimes is illogical . If we analyze the chart of LuLu from the last 3 years we will see that UP probability about 67%. Now I try to explain it .At first , since 2014 we see the strong up trend , but from other side , we are on the top of this up trend and RSI ...

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BBY and Q1

Today Best Buy Co. lose about 9 bucks despite a very strong Q1! I did not buy the shears of this company , but BBY was in my list! I always hold this company like a no bad BBY ( zacks ranking 2 .VGM A , more over zacks up bby ranking before this report! And I see -6.74% with a profit that beat Wall Street estimates! Whats a matter ask I myself ? BBY didnt update ...

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S&P 500 and Symmetric.

Everybody speak about market correction . Yes I do , I agree with it .But what is correction , and what about a consolidation ? Pay atention on this picture , this formation calling triangle, or maybe "a pennon or a flag " it is no matter how will you call it . What is important in this case it look like a classical figure of trend continuation , more over, ...

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Solid report and strong sell AMAT

Whan can I say about it . Markets are irretional. It was very upsating observed this situation . First-rate firm makes a good report Q2 EPS 1.22$ ; 0,08$ better than the analist estimate 1.14$ . Revenue for the quarter came in at $4.57 billion versus the consensus estimate of $4.45 billion. But compane lose 4 dollars on this report with a gap under 200 SMA ! ...

PavelPolusko PavelPolusko AMAT, 1Д, Длинная ,
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AMAT, 1Д Длинная
About AMAT

Tomorrow , after market close ,will be Q 2/2018 Applied Materials . Everybody knows that technology sector keep the top in one year performance , and also the third place in the three month performance and AMAT belongs to this sector.If we look on the AMATs history , we understand that company only once in 2013 doesn t exceed expecting result in report . ...

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