#Eth GROWTH will continue. What are they waiting for now? (BUY!)

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Colleagues, welcome everyone!
January 11th post update:
The previous analysis worked, took 2 goals, I attach the schedule below:

The price shows quite aggressive growth dynamics, breaking through the globally downtrend trend line. All this is supported by a pronounced interest with an increased increase in volumes. The Macd and RSI histograms indicate a price reversal. The wave structure also indicates continued growth. I can not note that altcoins are superior to Bitcoin in growth. We have not seen such a phenomenon for two years. If this rally continues, we will see confirmation of strength in the crypto market.

In connection with this, after the correction, I expect continued growth to these goals. Cancellation of the script will be a break and consolidation below the level of $ 151.

Good luck to everyone!

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Colleagues, I welcome everyone!
In this post, I would like to tell again about the basics and method of VSA analysis. This is a rather complicated thing, having understood which, many doors will open to you. A book like Tom Williams's Market Owners will help you tremendously. Why did I previously address the topic of major players in their set of positions and talked about the Wyckoff method? Because all this is an integral part of VSA analysis. Naturally, I can not put everything on the table for you. All this is very difficult to fit into the head of beginners, so I tell the basics. I want to say right away that in trading this is not a panacea, you need to be able to understand both VA and other aspects. It is a comprehensive analysis that will contribute to a more accurate determination of price movements in the market. Write me in the telegram @Scarletstrade, if you want me to subsequently touch on the topic of wave analysis, and show a little how this world works.

So what we see on the chart:
There are 4 phases of price movement - this is accumulation, market growth, distribution and market decline. (accumulation, markup, distribution, and markdown).
Outside of the markup stage (upward movement), there are five more buying points that offer a good risk-reward ratio. Aggressive traders will try to pick the bottom by buying at the bottom (spring). Trend followers will buy on a breakout, which signals the beginning of an uptrend. (Markup)

Once a breakout has occurred, traders can look for places to enter long positions during returns, throwback phases, or corrections. An identical situation is also present in the bear market, where the main stage is not the accumulation phase, but distribution.
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