#BTC Resumption of the BULL trend after local correction!

Colleagues, I am glad to welcome everyone!
Yesterday, it was seen how buyers showed their weakness, therefore, decided to place limit orders for selling long positions at $ 9050 (Btc) and $ 176 (Eth), respectively. Congratulations to everyone who heeded my advice, they kept longs with $ 7900 and $ 136, and closed yesterday in, I think, an excellent profit. My decision was also influenced by factors such as:

1) The psychological level of $ 9,000;
2) KDT (rising wedge);
3) ma200 (on TF 1D);
4) Extremely strong zone of increased liquidity;
5) Testing the rH&S pattern
6) Fibonacci level 618
7) Bearish divergence (weakness of the buyer)

(I wrote about this to everyone in my post on January 15)

What we have now: as part of the correction, we tested the first locally significant support zone, which coincides with the median of the rising channel. Earlier, I wrote that $ 8460-8520 is an extremely liquid zone, from where you can try to get long. I expect the end of the correction and the continuation of the upward movement at the levels of $ 8100-8200 (2nd zone ma100). It is pointless and extremely stupid to open short deals, so I do not advise you to do this in any case. In any case, this action is the opportunity to buy a coin at a better price, so in no case should you be upset. The script will lose its relevance when consolidated below $ 7,700.

Like, if you want, I won’t lie, if I say that I will be pleased: *
Good luck to everyone!

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