#Eth Advantage on the side of SELLERS (SHORT Scenario!)

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Colleagues, I am glad to welcome everyone!
After the strait, there is an imbalance of sellers in the market.
Let's take a look at the 4h time frame:

The price is traded within ma100. The chart forms the right shoulder of the H&S pattern, which is a trend reversal model. Such patterns can be traded only after breaking the neckline. What is happening now: standard consolidation is a set of positions that has formed a semblance of a bear flag. I expect the release of this, let's call it, a spring in the region of $ 154-156 (ma200), which will be the first target. Also, it showed on chart 2 the main liquidity zones - this is $ 145 (which, by the way, we have not tested after growth), and the third zone is $ 133. They will be, respectively, the second and third targets. Short took a small volume of $ 166.75, averaging $ 173.2. Stop: $ 177.5.

Time-frame 1h:

All successful bidding!
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