ETH channel trend trading with +35% increments. June 30 news!

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Ethereum (ETH) channel trend trading with + 35% increments. June 30 news!
Since the publication of the previous ETH idea, averaging trading in the ascending channel of the coin made a profit of about + 80%.
The channel step is about 30-35%
June 30 or closer to this number will decide the fate of the ether. Let me remind you on June 30 that the code for the transition phase of Ethereum to Proof-of-Stake should be released. Whether it will be an update or not, the further trend of the coin price depends on it.

The zero phase is the first stage of the transition. The broadcast in a few years should work on the basis of PoW. At this stage, developers should launch a new block validation system, where the main role will be given to validators instead of miners.
Follow the news, distinguish real news from FUD news.
Комментарий: Struck the upper edge of the internal channel.
If the coin will be traded in this range,
then the next target
This is the upper edge of the outer channel.
And this is from 500-600 $ depending
from time to time, because we are in the ascending channel,
and it has a slope. What is further in time
the higher the price if the trend continues.
Комментарий: The start of the Ethereum 2.0 zero phase was postponed to January 3, 2020
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: the price has reached the lower zone of the rising channel.
Сделка активна
Заявка отменена: I watch or keep trend or not. I look where today the day candle will close and how. Potential targets long and short on chart
Сделка закрыта: достигнута тейк-профит цена: Price has reached the lower trend rising channel
Сделка активна: Potential movement inside the channel + 45%
Комментарий: an isosceles (symmetric) triangle is probably drawn. Testing up and down in a 50/50 odds ratio. In the global while the trend trend is upward but on the verge of breaking, this triangle is drawn on the last defense of the lower trend uplink.
I think everyone understands why such a figure with the chances to go up and down 50/50 decided to draw on this particular trend.
The task is to instill uncertainty and depending on which way the crowd will look, go against waiting for it.

 Inside the global uptrend is now a downward trend. Perhaps this triangle will be a reversal figure. I have been trading this coin for a very long time. There is a margin trading. Greater liquidity. Easy predictability. I think that everyone understands that no matter where the price goes, you can earn in any direction. Look related ideas will understand everything.
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