ETH BTC accumulation in increments of 45% per year.Strong growth

BITFINEX:ETHBTC   Эфириум / Биткоин
ETH BTC Channel accumulation in 45% year increments. Possible growth.
At the moment, the price is close to a strong support level inside the channel, from which at least the price can rise to the upper boundary of the channel.
If the channel is punched - growth can be very strong. To the dollar, ETH also has a big potential for growth, Bitcoin is already running out of steam.
Bitcoin domination against altcoins falls. Therefore, Ether will look stronger against Bitcoin .

On June 30th, the code of the transition phase of Ethereum to Proof-of-Stake should be ready.
The zero phase is the first stage of the transition. The broadcast in a few years should work on the basis of PoW. At this stage, developers should launch a new block validation system, where the main role will be given to validators instead of miners.
The second important step should be the upgrade of Ethereum - sharding. This improvement should increase cryptocurrency scalability tenfold.
Also possible CFTC futures contract approvals.
I think it can all be well used for PUD news for pampas. The main thing with a very tasty sauce to bring it all to the crowd. And a minor update to inflate to global events.
Сделка активна: The price went for 2 scenarios (red arrow).
Now at a very strong level of support. It is more likely to take a growth rate of + 45%
Комментарий: The start of the Ethereum 2.0 zero phase was postponed to January 3, 2020

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