Link 1D Will investors be allowed to enjoy the mark $5?

Anything that is growing rapidly is doomed to an equally rapid fall.
It is happened with Link, the coin which grew without stop and without corrections on various news, mainly from the Defi direction, entered the correction phase.
We expect this correction to be at least to the level $7.00-7.20, where was a temporary stop at the previous growth.
Further, there is an assumption on the chart how the price can move: it is a correction of the fall to $13.50-16 and a further fall to $4.30-5.00.
However, after each low and high point, we need to recalculate for more accurate targets.
We will make updating under this idea.
Although, to be honest, the money men who pushed the price up bought Link for at least $1.7-2.7 or even cheaper.
It is in this zone that there is a natural market interest in buying coins.
Since 2016, we have been analyzing and trading the cryptocurrency market.
We transform our knowledge, trading moods and experience into ideas. Each "like under the idea" boosts the level of our happiness by 0.05%. If we help you to be calmer and richer - help us to be happier.
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