MTL/BTC What about alts?

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MTL at the moment broke falling wedge , and now is forming 2 figures: a bull flag , with the future transformation into a bearish flag , which will give MTL impulse for correction, to the newly formed support located in the area 34k sats . up to 40k sats ., which is not strong enough to keep a large sales flow, so I advise you to leave a stop loss, which we also revealed using the ATR oscillator.

When MTL will start falling, we will monitor it's behaviour, namely, the oscillators RSI and Stoch . RSI . A favorable outcome described on the chart, where by RSI I indicated the next bottom, and on Stoch . RSI approximate trajectory. The Sell Zone determined combining levels of Fibo. and got the following goals: 48k-51k-55k sats .

What about fundamental:
The thing is that there are no interesting events on this platform, but maybe I'm missing something, so I'm waiting fans in comments! Therefore, we conclude that this currency is not as promising as many others, which is obvious. The idea was published for asset holders.
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I would respectfully disagree that there are many interesting fundamentals to this product and you need to do your homework.
BillCharison turkeyknackers
@turkeyknackers, explain for us some of this fundamentals please... if you know... my teacher ;D
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turkeyknackers BillCharison
@BillCharison, gladly.

Metalpay is developing an app as an easy on ramp for newcomers to the crypto sphere. With a banking partner in place (to be revealed on launch) and the app currently on alpha testing, Metal currently expect release over the summer.

Everytime a user pays for things or pays friends using the app they are rewarded with up to 5% Metal. No fees, only payback. Metal call it popping. A better PoPP score can be achieved and hence more payback by careful fiscal management which promotes financial responsibility amongst users.

Metal also aim to onload merchants later in the year who can offer incentives for paying using the app.

They recently (yesterday) announced the acquisition of another startup called Crumbs who are now part of the Metal ecosystem. Expect this to be the first of many.

In addition, expect metal to be a direct competitor to PayPal and Venmo after app release as they onload various states and foreign jurisdictions to the app. Financial audit is in progress as well as applications for money transfer licenses.

It's all go, and the team is phenomenal. And I've probably missed other developments too, not intentionally.

Hope that helps.
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