SUB/BTC What about alts?

SUB. Now we can see the completed bearish flag and completed bullish flag , which in sum give us an inverted head and shoulders (HS). Also now we can observe the output of the graph from the pattern, which is supported by the completed bunch of convergences b and c, which usually means new up-trend. But the trading volume on this asset is still not large enough so it is quite dangerous for SUB holders. I recommend to keep the stop loss at the level that we also determined by the ATR indicator, and placed it at the 4500 sats .

What about fundamental analysis:
In fact, first of all, the project drew my attention precisely with its activity!
Splash of an accumulation after correction makes us pay attention to it. The ecosystem of the token is completely clean and let us know that the coin is used as an indispensable mechanism for the functioning of the project. Increase in audience will increase its price. The problem that the project solves in today's realities is very urgent, especially for people from countries, where censorship is expressed in the blocking the Internet. SUB is designed to give rise to the Next-Gen Internet, decentralized Internet, where there is no place for censorship and blocks.

Buy for 5500 sats .
Put the stop on 4500 sats .
Targets at 7000-7500-9000 sats .
Short-term 7-8k, and 9k mid-term
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