XEM/BTC What about alts?

Some time ago XEM showed very small volumes, which increased with the last fall, this is explained by the approach to a delicious price about 30k sats. You can also notice that after the jump there were large sales, but without great consequences, which also means that we are waiting for a better price. Besides it was profitable to trade short trades with stop loss, which contributed to the formation of a triangle with an entrance from the top to down. Because of this we expect a fall, which confirms the Stoch indicator. RSI shows overbought.

Analysing the data, we can say that the formation of class C convergence will be the beginning of a new growing trend, where the price should rebound from the level of non-return, namely, the strongest support at the moment. In case of breaking through this support, we are expecting the formation of a new global downtrend, so we put a stop loss based on the ATR indicator: stop loss at 2850sats.

What about fundamental:
A production-ready enterprise version, along with open source and commercial licensing, are planned for the second half of 2018 - this is quite a big news, which should affect the asset quite positively!

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