S&P500: empire’s collapse

SP:SPX   Индекс S&P 500
On the second of every month we have the S&P500 index updated here, subscribe so you don't miss any entry points. Today I decided to update the most high cyclical and super-cyclical degrees on it - the global picture. We will look at the weekly chart in a month's time. I pay special attention to it and put it in bold - it's a long-term forecast for decades. Super-cyclical and cyclical waves can go on for hundreds or tens of years, respectively.

Going back to the index, we are now seeing a final rise to the ±5000 area within the ending diagonal, which will be accompanied in the media by a series of imaginary victories and a narrative about America's new greatness. In reality, the FED will simply buy out the crisis once again - there will be another QE, which will accelerate inflation and lead to the final inflation of all bubbles, including the stock market.

Then a fall of times or even dozens of times. I set the minimum target at 666, the optimal target at 66.6. This, I repeat, will happen for decades, along with the loss of at least half of the economy. The feeling is that a Great Depression multiplied by 2 will happen - wave (IV) should be sharp, as opposed to sideways (II). The probability of civil war in the wave (IV) tends to 100%, there is also a strong prospect of nuclear war, but let's not talk about it yet...

I believe that the next 2 years or so is the last chance to make money on investments. Then there will be the question of carrying capital through the crisis with minimal losses. For this purpose, in my opinion, scrap gold is the best way to go.

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